Accepted-but-not-final Python 3.12 PEPs?

Several of the PEPs implemented for Python 3.12 (What’s New In Python 3.12 — Python 3.12.3 documentation) are still listed as accepted.

The ones that caught my eye (as I’m not aware of any remaining work needed on them):

I believe PEP 699 – Remove private dict version field added in PEP 509 | is intentionally still open until the deprecation is followed up with removal in Python 3.14, while PEP 687 – Isolating modules in the standard library | still has _datetime’s conversion in progress

There are also a few accepted PEPs from older releases that seem like potential candidates for marking as Final:

The annotations PEPs are legitimately still open, and I didn’t try to work out the status of any of the packaging or typing PEPs.

FWIW, the last general “Can this be marked Final?” review thread looks like it may have been back in 2022 after the Pyhton 3.11 release.

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There’s also an issue tracking some:

I had PRs to mark 590 and 615 as final that have been open for 5 months awaiting review from their authors. That’s long enough, I’ve just merged them.

We also have this for typing PEPs:

And this for 3.13 PEPs:


I added a similar issue to the 3.13 one for the remaining 3.12 PEPs: Mark 3.12 PEPs as Final · Issue #3817 · python/peps · GitHub