Account recovery

the account recovery initiative for processing requests hangs for 3 weeks already, are there specific plans how to improve it?

Why it has to be manual and on-best-effort basis if it is such critical? Any ideas to automate it?

Mine for example hangs there also: Account recovery request · Issue #4150 · pypi/support · GitHub


Please read the previous discussions on this topic first.

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Yes, and?
Have you read the issue that was created?

As per your suggestion, I’ve read that before already, even before creating the Github issue as it is not clear what to do without proper research.

PEP 541 does not apply to us, we paid for developers to transfer project to us and we are unable to accept it because TOTP failed, which also I suppose should trigger investigation why it happens (time zone changes maybe?).

Highly doubt that time zones affect TOTPs, unless you have some sort of non-compliant TOTP implementation.

It may be worth reviewing your internal procedures to figure out why you don’t have any of the recovery codes though.