Add / copy entire "project" to existing project

Qt has a neat feature to build “subdir” project - basically main “make” with sub projects.

I like to duplicate similar structure in Python, if feasible.

I understand I can plain copy a file , any file , into Python code.
I am still struggling with all the files , mainly their functions, when Python project is created, and I have a a hard time to determine what files I need to copy.

Reason I am asking this - I like to add a new function to my working Python code and the example code I will add does want to run by itself. So I am hoping by adding it to existing working code will help me to find why it “cannot find PyQtx”.

This does not make any sense as asked. The kind of feature you are describing is something provided by an IDE - not by a programming language (such as Python) nor by a library (such as Qt). Aside from that, Qt is not the same kind of thing that Python is; and you can use Qt from multiple different languages (including Python).

Aside from that, it will be easier to understand if you show a concrete example of a problem you encountered.

That is for C++ Qt projects right? Nothing usable for python projects.

If you share this error in detail we may be able to help.
I’d guess that if the error is about PyQt5 or PyQt6 cannot be found then you need install
PyQt5 or PyQt6 as appropiate.

If you are on a linux system then install the PyQt[56] that comes with your OS.
If on Windows or macOS install with pip.


C:/username>py -m pip install PyQt5


$ python3 -m pip install PyQt6