Add into documentation of modules and classes a section of summary of content.

Add to documentation of modules and classes a section of summary of content.

Hello. I like a documentation in C# and Java. It has a summary of content. Before the detailed description of the modules and classes, a list of contents begins, grouped into categories(classes, exceptions … for modules, and methods, fields … for classes) with a short description.

A summary section allow:

  1. Quickly understand which members might be useful.
  2. Quickly understand all possibilities of a moule/class.
  3. Just to copy the ready list and write into them my own notes.

A python documentation does not have summary. Tables of content do not always have a members of modules. A groups of members by categories are absent. I tried pydoc. It also does not create a summary.

For comparison. The documentation by zip archiving:
module gzip — Support for gzip files — Python 3.12.2 documentation
module (Java Platform SE 8 )
class ZipFile (Java Platform SE 8 )
module System.IO.Compression Namespace | Microsoft Learn
class ZipArchive Class (System.IO.Compression) | Microsoft Learn

I want to the summary section was added:

  1. into pydoc. For example as options --summaryForModule --summaryForClasses. It simplify understand of module of any author.
  2. into The Python Standard Library — Python 3.12.2 documentation in documentation by modules (as gzip, argparse…).

Maybe, another documentation generators already can create a summary section. I will be glad to get a link to example.