Add sentry integration to all the bots

@EWDurbin We’d like to have Sentry integration to all of our bots so we get alerts whenever something is wrong. Can you help us set it up (or let me know how to set it all up)?

These are the bots that we have in Heroku:
miss-islington, blurb-it, bedevere, the-knights-who-say-ni



We could use a docker image,

I’ve created sentry projects for all of the bots and sent an invite for you as a member of the team on

Are there any other folks who should be added to the team immediately? I just need an email address to send their invite.

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Thanks @EWDurbin! I have added sentry to our bots, and created these PRs:

@Mariatta You should be grabbing DSNs from the projects created on, rather than using Heroku’s sentry add on. If you need assistance with that let me know.

Oh ok. Is it safe to hardcode and commit the DSN? Or should I make it into environment variable in Heroku?

Should I remove the sentry add-on?

Remove the Sentry Add-On in Heroku, then add the SENTRY_DSN environment variable found in the UI for each project.

Thanks! This is all done.

For the sake of backup, you can add me.

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Invite sent.

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I can’t seem to view any activities in sentry’s dashboard. I also couldn’t create a sample event in sentry, so now I’m not sure if it is being setup correctly?

From my browser’s developer tool, I saw a 403 error when trying to create the sample event.