Add support for devcontainers to facilitate GitHub Codespaces usage?

I had used it when Brett first mentioned it, and yet, yesterday when I wanted to try something on Linux, I couldn’t find it – even though I knew it was in the upper right quadrant of the screen. Good job hiding it, GitHub! :slight_smile:

I didn’t know there was a “comma” shortcut – I only know about the “period” shortcut for PRs.

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Hopefully that was a transient failure.

Nope. I can’t use the comma , key from a PR to open a codespace. It always goes to this screen:

Whereupon when I click the “create new codespace” button it gives me a generic Github 500 error. :person_shrugging: (It’s on Github to monitor their logs and understand their 500 errors)

What does work is using the code space thing from the Code menu on the main /python/cpython/ repository page. I assume the gh command exists within that already setup so gh pr checkout NNN would work. I just haven’t tried it as I’ve normally got infinitely faster machines at my disposal. The codespace looks like a very nice thing to have!