Add value to every nth column in row in Excel using Openpyxl

I need to add a value to every 3rd column in the second row starting at the 16th column going to the max column. The code I have puts a value in every cell on the second row but starts it at the 18th column. How do I iterate through skipping a certain number of columns each time?

for col in range(16, ws.max_column+1):
    col = col+2
    ws_date = ws.cell(2, column=col)
    ws_date.value = 2023

Should look like:

Use range(16, ws.max_column+1, 3). The 3rd parameter is the step/stride. There’s no point in adding to col because it’ll be rebound to the next value from range on the next iteration of the for loop.

Thank you! That worked.