Adding many coordinates with each coordinate being far from the other by the same distance

Hello everyone,

I am new to python and I need your support guys in a small task.

How can I add many coordinates between the first and the last coordinate using the script below, by specifying the distance between each coordinate? So for example by saying the second coordinate should be far from the first one by a distance of 2 meters and so on till we reach the last coordinate. It’s a straight line route, and if I have to type in the coordinates manually it will be a lot of work.

import simplekml
import pandas as pd

#Germany1 52.17365048266471, 10.50326921341822
#Germany2 52.17428145858134, 10.50385051351152

lines_kml = simplekml.Kml()
lines = lines_kml.newlinestring(name=‘Path’,
description=‘Germany1 to Germany2’,

#change the line width and color = 5 =

Lines_kml_path = ‘/Users/alkon/PycharmProjects/Lines_kml.kml’

I would be very thankful for any assistance.
Thank you guys in advance