Aiter/anext review request

Dear Python core maintainers,

New here and hoping to be able to contribute. Submitted bpo-31861: Add aiter and anext to builtins by jab · Pull Request #23847 · python/cpython · GitHub a couple months ago (based on interest expressed in Issue 31861: add aiter() and anext() functions - Python tracker and and am still awaiting review. Hoping that opening a discussion here to check if there is still interest in this is the right thing to do.

Thanks and best wishes.



No response yet, so just thought I’d try posting here again. Do any core developers who may be reading this have any suggestions? Would love to try to address any review feedback before having to fix (another round of) merge conflicts. (And ideally maybe even get this landed in time for the 3.10 feature freeze in early May?) Thanks in advance for any help here.

If you want to raise the visibility, a post to python-dev is probably next on your list.

Thank you, Brett. Post to python-dev is here.

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