Altair Package - Line and bar chart

Guys, good morning. I’m starting up in Python and I ran into 3 problems.
I’m trying to create a line graph, with 02 lines, with the following code, which I got directly from the Altair package library:

import altair as alt
import pandas as pd
import numpy as np

source = pd.DataFrame(np.cumsum(np.random.randn(24, 3), 0).round(2),
columns=[‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’], index=pd.RangeIndex(24, name=‘x’))
source = source.reset_index().melt(‘x’, var_name=‘category’, value_name=‘y’)

Create a selection that chooses the nearest point & selects based on x-value

nearest = alt.selection(type=‘single’, nearest=True, on=‘mouseover’,
fields=[‘x’], empty=‘none’)

The basic line

line = alt.Chart(source).mark_line(interpolate=‘basis’).encode(

Transparent selectors across the chart. This is what tells us

the x-value of the cursor

selectors = alt.Chart(source).mark_point().encode(

Draw points on the line, and highlight based on selection

points = line.mark_point().encode(
opacity=alt.condition(nearest, alt.value(1), alt.value(0))

Draw text labels near the points, and highlight based on selection

text = line.mark_text(align=‘left’, dx=5, dy=-5).encode(
text=alt.condition(nearest, ‘y:Q’, alt.value(’ '))

Draw a rule at the location of the selection

rules = alt.Chart(source).mark_rule(color=‘gray’).encode(

Put the five layers into a chart and bind the data

line, selectors, points, rules, text
width=1500, height=300

However, I was unable to get my document (.csv) to open and read correctly.

And I couldn’t change the beginning of the x-axis either. It starts at “0”, and I would like to start at 1 or some other number that is indexed in the attached file.

File link with data.

Another question is… can I merge this line chart with bar chart?
Thank you,

Please, anyone?