Altering the Round

Hello All,

 I am new to Python and I am now taking a required course. I am working on a Case Study that requires me to alter the Round Function, which I am having trouble doing. I was able to alter the entire code and get rid of the Round function, but I don't quite get how ro alter it to get the same output. Would someone be able to assist. I would greatly appreciate any and all help. Here is the code and output: 

Initialize the constants

TAX_RATE = 0.20



Request the inputs

grossIncome = float(input("Enter the gross income: "))

numDependents = int(input("Enter the number of dependents: "))

Compute the income tax

taxableIncome = grossIncome - STANDARD_DEDUCTION - \

            DEPENDENT_DEDUCTION * numDependents

incomeTax = taxableIncome * TAX_RATE

Display the income tax

print(“The income tax is $” + str(round(incomeTax, 2)))

Enter the gross income: 10000
Enter the number of dependents: 3
The income tax is $-1800.0


I believe I was able to figure it out, thank you.