Announcement: pip 21.1 has now been released

Announcement: pip 21.1 has now been released

On behalf of the PyPA, I am pleased to announce that we have just released pip 21.1, a new version of pip. You can install it by running python -m pip install --upgrade pip.

This is the second scheduled release of pip in 2021, following our regular quarterly release schedule.


  • A feature flag (--use-feature=in-tree-build) to enable in-tree build when installing or running pip wheel on local projects. This is intented to become the default in the future, so users are encouraged to test it and provide feedback.
  • Improved UX of keyring integration.
  • Better handling of URLs in constraints files.
  • Performance and UX improvements to the dependency resolver.
  • SECURITY: Stop splitting on unicode separators in git references, which could be maliciously used to install a different revision on the repository.

You can find more details (including deprecations and removals) in the changelog.


As with all pip releases, a significant amount of the work was contributed by pip’s user community. Huge thanks to all who have contributed, whether through code, documentation, issue reports and/or discussion. Your help keeps pip improving, and is hugely appreciated.


I just released pip 21.1.1 which fixes a couple of regressions in python 3.6 support, and suppresses a warning when sysconfig and distutils schemes do not match.

You can find more details in the changelog.

Many thanks to all who helped with this release.