Announcement: pip 22.0 release!

On behalf of the PyPA, I am pleased to announce that the pip team has just released pip 22.0!

As a reminder, the pip project follows Calendar Versioning – 22.0 is not a “major” version release with backwards incompatible changes but rather the first release of the year 2022. You can read more about our versioning, deprecation policy, and release process here.


  • Drop support for Python 3.6.
  • DISRUPTION: Parse HTML documents using standard library http.parser, instead of html5lib. (#10825)
  • DISRUPTION: Stop backtracking on build failures, by instead surfacing them to the user and aborting immediately. This behaviour provides more immediate feedback when a package cannot be built due to missing build dependencies or platform incompatibility. (#10655)
  • Document the --require-virtualenv flag! (#10588) :sparkles:
  • Adopt the progress bar from rich, and deprecate “alternative” progress bar styles. (#10462)
  • Improvements to some common errors to providing additional context and improving their presentation. (#10421)
  • Improvements to handling of yanked releases.
  • Improvements to handling of requirements with extras, during dependency resolution.

This release contains many other usability improvements, enhancements, and bugfixes. You can find the full list in our changelog.


As with all pip releases, a significant amount of the work was contributed by pip’s user community. Huge thanks to all who have contributed, whether through code, documentation, issue reports and/or discussion. Your help keeps pip improving, and is hugely appreciated.

Cheers from surprisingly sunny London,
Pradyun Gedam


The changelog entry for 22.0 appears to be missing.

It’ll update in a few moments – that’s waiting on the RTD build to finish.

Update: It’s live! :slight_smile: