Announcement: pip 23.3 release!

On behalf of the PyPA, I am pleased to announce that the pip team has just released pip 23.3.

This is the fourth release of pip for the year 2023. You can read more about our versioning, deprecation policy, and release process here.


  • Resolver performance improvements.
  • Improved resolution of optional dependencies (extras).
  • Allow pip install --dry-run to use ABI and platform override options [1].
  • Add is_yanked boolean entry to the installation report.
  • A new http cache allowing for better memory utilization with large packages. There is a new on-disk cache format stored in $PIP_CACHE_DIR/http-v2. The old http cache is not removed automatically. Consider cleaning it up when you don’t use previous pip versions anymore.


As with all pip releases, a significant amount of the work was contributed by pip’s user community. Many thanks to all who have contributed, whether through code, documentation, issue reports and/or discussion. Your help keeps pip improving, and is hugely appreciated.


Stéphane Bidoul

  1. Caveats with environment markers still apply. ↩︎


pip 23.3.1 has just been released with a fix in the self version check mechanism, and a fix about concurrent access to the http cache.


I just released pip 23.3.2 with the fix for mercurial support, and a fix for handling extras in combination with direct URLs.