Announcement: ptl 0.1.0: pip-tools, layered

ptl is a pip-tools wrapper for multi-layered requirements. There is already a project with the similar goal — pip-compile-multi — but ptl has some key differences:

  • It is much, much simpler. All it does is find requirements input files (*.in), generate intermediate input files (* with all references include transitive ones, and call pip-compile in topological order.
  • It is supposed to be unopinionated — it doesn’t have any options applied to the pip-compile command by default. Configure pip-tools as you wish.
  • It has no dependencies, including pip-tools. Bring your own tools.
  • It supports not only pip-tools, but also uv, or any other compatible tool.
  • It has pip-sync functionality as well.

This is the very first release, any feedback is appreciated.