Announcing the Diátaxis Documentation Workshop

Diátaxis Documentation Workshop

The Python documentation community will be hosting a free two-part workshop by Daniele Procida, the creator of the Diátaxis framework.

Each session will be two hours; including an introduction, discussion/questions, and practical exercises in small groups; and will be hosted on Zoom. There’s an optional take-home exercise after the first session, which we’ll review during the second.

The second session builds upon the first, so we strongly prefer that you attend both sessions to fully benefit from it. However, we may be able to accommodate a limited number of people that can only make it to one. They will be hands-on, so to get the most out of your attendance, be ready to participate and interact with Daniele and your fellow attendees!

While the primary focus of the workshop is on contributors to the Python documentation, they are open to anyone in the open source community interested in writing better documentation, as long as space allows.

To attend the workshop, sign up using the registration form, and we’ll confirm your attendance by August 1. We will try our best to fill any remaining slots on a rolling space-available basis.

The presentation portion of the workshop will be recorded (though the interactive aspect won’t be).

Workshop Agenda

Session 1: Introduction to Diátaxis
Tuesday, August 16 2022, 16:00-18:00 UTC (12 - 2 PM US Eastern / 9 - 11 AM US Pacific)

  • The Diátaxis system and how it works
  • Using it for documentation in general
  • Applying it to the Python docs specifically

Session 2: Getting Things Done
Thursday, August 18 2022, 16:00-18:00 UTC (12 - 2 PM US Eastern / 9 - 11 AM US Pacific)

  • Authoring practices and approaches
  • Getting work started and keeping it going
  • Making life easy for ourselves

About Daniele Procida

I’m a Director of Engineering at Canonical, where I work to transform documentation practice across 40-plus engineering teams.

Ever since I’ve become involved in software in 2009, I’ve been involved in its documentation too. I found my way to software through Python and Django, so that’s where I’ve made most of my direct contributions: Django, pytest, django CMS and others.

Through the international Python community, I’ve had the enormous pleasure of taking part in numerous events and initiatives. The most important one to me is the African Python movement: since 2015, I’ve attended multiple editions of PyCon Namibia, PyCon Ghana and PyCon Africa.

In recent years, I’ve had the fortune of seeing the approaches I’ve developed in my work in documentation adopted much more widely across the software industry. I am always thrilled to have the opportunity to contribute back through documentation to the same software communities that have lifted me up in my own software journey.

Getting in Touch

If you have questions or concerns about the workshop, please post in the Docs Community forum on Discourse.

For private communications, please get in touch with one of the organizers: @Mariatta, @Nedbat and @CAM-Gerlach.


Thanks to Canonical for their support and generosity in making Daniele’s participation in this workshop series possible.


As an update, the sessions are now full.
We are maintaining a waitlist in case people cancelled or changed their mind.
You can add yourself to the waitlist using the same registration form in the original post.

Thank you.

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Just to let people know here, everyone who signed up should have received an email from @Mariatta letting them know whether they were accepted or waitlisted. If you don’t see the email, please reach out to one of us. Thanks!