Announcing the Python Language Summit 2022 blog posts

The blog posts about presentations and discussions from Python Language Summit 2022 are now up for your enjoyment.

Main article: Python Software Foundation News: The 2022 Python Language Summit

Python without the GIL , Sam Gross

Reaching a per-interpreter GIL , Eric Snow

The “Faster CPython” project: 3.12 and beyond , Mark Shannon

WebAssembly: Python in the browser and beyond , Christian Heimes

F-strings in the grammar, Pablo Galindo Salgado

Cinder Async Optimisations, Itamar Ostricher

The issue and PR backlog, Irit Katriel

The path forward for immortal objects, Eddie Elizondo and Eric Snow

Lightning talks, short presentations by Carl Meyer, Thomas Wouters, Kevin Modzelewski, and Larry Hastings

Thanks @AlexWaygood for the write ups!

Also thank you to all presenters and attendees for great content and discussions.

This is the fourth Language Summit that I co-chaired with @ambv, and also my last one. I’m stepping down from this responsibility to free up my time to take on other responsibilities and challenges. I’m grateful to have been given this opportunity to serve the Python community. This has been a great privilege and valuable experience. Thank you @ambv for working alongside me the past four years, and @senthil for helping out this year.

Thank you!


Mariatta is being modest. She will be the new PyCon chair for the next two years. Thank you for your work organizing the language summit, Mariatta, and good luck in your new role! :heart:

(And yes, I guess we need a new volunteer. Any takers?)


Thank you for organizing the language summit @Mariatta and good luck being the PyCon chair!

Does it have to be a core dev? :slight_smile:

FYI, @ambv (who will be doing his last tour of duty in the position next year) brought this up at the end of the summit and chatting with him about it just a couple days later, he already had a bunch of people volunteer, considerably more than were needed. At this point it sounds like its taken care of, but just in case anyone else interested would want to message him about it.

That’s right. We received a pretty good response to our call for help and now we have too many volunteers :slight_smile: In 2023 @Senthil will be co-chairing with me, with one additional person shadowing us that will take over my role here for 2024. We’ll announce soon who that is once we’ve got everything confirmed.