Anticipated date for 3.8.8 or 3.9.2?

Hi, I’ve seen the following planned dates for 3.8.8:

  • 3.8.8rc1: Monday, 2021-02-01
  • 3.8.8: Monday, 2021-02-15

However I’ve been unable to find a tag or download for either of these. Has the expected date for 3.8.8 slipped by much? I’m asking because our deployment of 3.8.7 is being flagged for security vulnerability Issue 42938: [security] ctypes double representation BoF - Python tracker, and our due date for deploying a fixed release is fast approaching.

Or alternatively, could 3.9.2 be any sooner? I see that it has the same planned release dates as 3.8.8.


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:+1: to this, 3.8.x has a remote code execution CVE being flagged by dependency checking tools tools, will a release be cut and new container images be pushed out?

@ambv a prompt release to address CVE-2021-3177 would be greatly appreciated.

I’ll be releasing both later today.