Apply by Nov 22 for paid contract improving pip

Freelancers and other programming consultants: The PSF is seeking 2 contractors to improve pip. Specifically, to help finish the dependency resolver overhaul.

Role 1: We seek a senior Python developer, work starting in mid-December 2019 or early January 2020, work ending at the end of May 2020. Pay: USD$116,375 total (665 hours of work at $175 per hour). Detailed task list and timeline.

Role 2: We seek an intermediate-to-senior Python developer, work starting in early January 2020, till the end of December 2020. Pay: USD$103,700 (670 hours of work at $150 per hour), plus $1600 budgeted for onboarding travel and $1600 budgeted for PyCon travel. Details.

The full request for proposals is in our request-for GitHub repo.

Please apply by November 22nd, or please spread the word. (I’m sorry for the short notice; we learned of the funding while I was travelling, and it took a little while for me to put together the RFP and start publicizing it.)

Here’s the giant list of reasons why this project is important, and here’s @dustin’s Twitter thread about why this is big news, giving context and shout-outs:


I’m just curious, are these normal hourly rates for this kind of duration?

A good question. “Normal” is a little hard to define but I would say these are competitive rates.

There are some locations and some parts of the software industry where these rates are substantially higher than you would usually find for work of this duration. However, these rates are competitive with rates for similar engagements in some parts of the software industry.

For this project, the Packaging Working Group was fortunate in finding funders who would support us in paying these rates, and thus making it more likely we could attract talent that is expecting to be paid at this level. We may not be able to get that kind of approval in the future.


Thank you to everyone who submitted a proposal.

Due to the large number of applicants, we will not be able to provide a final decision by November 27th, but will work to provide at least a preliminary status to everyone by November 27th, and final decisions to all applicants by December 4th. (I’ve updated the RfP timeline.) I’m sorry for the delay.

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