April/May Steering Council community update

I’ve just posted the April and May Steering Council updates, included below. (For what it’s worth, we’re aware we’re late with these and we’re still trying to improve the process to speed it up.)




  • No meeting due to PyCon US.


  • No meeting due to PyCon US.




  • The SC discussed with the Developer-in-Residence (Łukasz) the position of Deputy Developer-in-Residence, including a draft for the position and the involvement that Łukasz will have in the role.
  • The SC discussed an apparent semantic change with PEP 709 (Inlined comprehensions) involving comprehensions in class bodies. After deliberation, the SC agreed that we are ok with the general frame semantics of PEP 709 given the performance benefits but we are not ok with the semantic changes that go outside this even if they are more desirable. The SC will communicate this to the PEP authors.
  • The SC briefly discussed the latest status of the upcoming core developer sprint including budget.
  • The SC briefly discussed the recent addition of the hypothesis tests to the CPython CI and the expectation we have for that in the future for the project.
  • The SC discussed some updates to PEP 649 (Deferred Evaluation Of Annotations Using Descriptors). After some deliberation, the SC decided to approve the modifications to the PEP.



  • No meeting due to travel and a US holiday