Are there any widget sets for native-like programming inside a browser?

I was pretty excited to see this article today:

It’s got me wondering: Are there any widget sets usable from Python in Web Assembly yet? How mature are they?

I’ve been on the fence about jumping to Rust or C++ to use EGui or ImGui, but I’m not sure I really want to abandon my history with Python.

What I definitely don’t want to do, though, is to get stuck using the DOM from JavaScript and TypeScript.


I developed LTK and made it open source, see github.
I am actively using LTK to develop PySheets.

LTK is elegant, easy to use and enhance, and quite stable now. Try it out.

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You can run many Panel widgets on top of PyScript/Pyodide.

You might also look at starfyre,a reactive frontend framework built by @sansyrox on top of PyScript.

Are there no Immediate Mode or Retained Mode GUI toolkits for Python+WASM? That’s really what I’m hoping for.

I actually am kinda hoping WASM is going to make all this Reactive stuff go away. It’ll be hard to stop JavaScript/TypeScript/HTML/CSS/DOM/Components’ inertia completely, but I see them as a bit of a mess that was temporarily necessary in the history of computing.