Assigning variables other than max and min

Given 4 user input values I want to set variables based on max and min and then assign the other two variables to say LinkA and LinkB. I know how to assign the max and min variables, but how do I go about assigning the other two values to LinkA and LinkB without having to do so via user input?

Thanks for the help!!

See code below

L0 = float(input('L0 = '))
L1 = float(input('L1 = '))
L2 = float(input('L2 = '))
L3 = float(input('L3 = '))

Links = [L0, L1, L2, L3]

LMax = max(Links)
LMin = min(Links)
LinkA = ???
LinkB = ???

You could instead sort the list, then unpack:

Links = [L0, L1, L2, L3]

[LMin, LinkA, LinkB, LMax] = Links

That worked great! thank you!