Asyncio-eventloop.rst seems to be unreferenced

I’m messing around trying to find undocumented module attributes. In the process, I stumbled upon the toctree:: directive, which is used heavily in Doc/library/asyncio.rst. Several asyncio-*.rst files are referenced this way, but not asyncio-eventloop.rst as far as I can tell. Am I missing something?

I see it here: cpython/Doc/library/asyncio.rst at main · python/cpython · GitHub

Sorry, I’m an idiot. I’m so used to having to handle files with spaces in the name in the Python distro that I added -print0 to my find command, but then forgot to add -0 to the downstream xargs command.

I do wish we could get rid of filenames containing spaces…

Now to figure out why my code is apparently not handling asyncio-eventloop.rst properly.

Hear, hear.

It looks like the only paths with spaces are under Mac\Icons and two directories under NEWS.d\next. I can’t imagine those would be too hard to change (though changing the NEWS folders might make backports difficult, which would be annoying considering they exist to make backports easy…)

I’ve a PR ready for review at python/core-workflow#499 for blurb to create files without spaces, and read files with and without spaces.

And after that, python/blurb_it#332 is pending to update blurb_it to create without spaces.

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