ATTN: Barry Scott. Need help building old SpamBayes Outlook Installer


I am not a coder, but I recently discovered the Python code fix to have, “Show spam clues for current message” work again in SpamBayes ( the line 526 has to be changed) and I am having trouble running from source (from, as to test this, and I also tried creating a binary installer with py2exe with no luck. I am using latest Python 2 version with the proper versions of py2exe, pywin32, and Innosetup. There were several modules that were not found when I ran, including BmpImagePlugin, and I knew I was in too deep and needed help.

Do you have the capability to attempt to make this Python code fix, then re-build the binary installer so that I can test? I would like to Paypal you as well, as I am really missing the, “Show spam clue” feature. If you are at all interested in helping, and have the time, please let me know and I can provide you the details on the Python addin code fix, and can provide the SpamBayes source code.

Thank you!

Erik Brown

I have working spambayes for linux working using python 3.12, I do not have code for Windows, which I think you are asking for.

Aye, there’s the rub, lack of someone to build a Windows thing (or an Outlook thing). I know nothing about Windows and at my advanced age am not about to start learning. @Enlightened, any chance you know how to build an Outlook thing or know someone who does? Maybe start a new thread in Python Help or in Packaging.