AttributeError numpy

I have an issue when I just write (import numpy) but it show the error AttributeError : partially initialized module ’ numpy ’ has no attribute ’ ufunc ’ ( most likely due to a circular import ) PS C : \ Users \ILE\testing >
please help me

Does your working directory contain a file named “”?

No I don’t have

Have you tried reinstalling numpy?

Can you show the entire error traceback, pasted here as text between
code fences, eg:

 your multi line
 error traceback
 goes here

When there’s a circular import the traceback normally comes during the
import process. So it shows which files are being imported and the lines
of code, and that will help locate the cause of the error.

Cameron Simpson

I have fixed the error :innocent:

Happy to hear it. For the benefit of future readers, please share your solution.