August 2022 Steering Council Update

Below, you can find the just-published update for August. September and October coming soon. Apologies for the delay!

As reminder, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us or open an issue in the SC repo: GitHub - python/steering-council: Communications from the Steering Council

SC meeting summary - August 2022


  • The Steering Council met with the Developer-in-Residence (Łukasz) and discussed:
    • The status of the 3.11 release
    • the asyncio uncancel issue
    • The number of last-minute bugs and issues that we are experiencing
  • The SC discussed the fall Core Dev Sprint with the PSF Executive
    Director, as well as plans for another Developer-in-Residence and
    offering mentoring support to core developers.
  • The SC discussed the Python 3.11 release and the approximate cause of the
    release blockers, as well as how to improve the situation in the future
    and how to gather feedback for future release managers.



  • The SC met with the Developer in Residence and discussed:
    • Fixing blockers for the 3.11.0rc1 release
    • An update of the CLA bot, and a future update to EdgeDB 2.0
    • Possible candidates for blog posts for the community
  • The SC met with the PSF Executive Director and discussed the organization
    of the 2022 Core Dev sprints.
  • The SC discussed the logistics of having a meeting with Meta as part of
    the Visionary sponsor relationship.
  • The SC discussed encouraging projects to release wheels for Release
    Candidates of new minor versions and what challenges are being faced by
    users and maintainers. Several possible proposals were listed, including
    asking NumFocus and other organizations for assistance.


  • The SC briefly discussed PEP 649 – Deferred Evaluation Of Annotations Using
    and what is left to decide.
  • The SC discussed several aspects of the upcoming core dev sprint.
  • The SC discussed planning of the meeting with Meta as a PSF Visionary sponsor
  • The SC discussed possibly delaying 3.11.0 due to a timing conflict with
    release managers and the core dev sprint and life in general. It was agreed
    that it is ok to delay 3.11.0 until the 24th of October.
  • The SC confirmed that 3.12alpha1 is still intended during the dev sprint.
  • As a way to improve the testing of new versions, Brett noted he’s planning to
    work to improve GitHub CI configs to make it more likely for users to test
    against release candidates and betas and to make it obvious how to do it.
  • The SC discussed the migration concerns raised from the proposed migration
    for PEP discussion from python-dev to migration. The SC
    noted that documentation work remains before making it fully official. Also,
    we won’t shut down the python-dev list, but we expect PEP authors to not pay
    attention to it when discussing PEPs.
  • The SC discussed the possibility of inviting some non-core devs to the sprint
    and we agreed that a goal of focus is key for a successful sprint.
  • The SC discussed what to do with PEPs that are not regular enhancement
    proposals nor informative documents (like
    PEP 659 – Specializing Adaptive Interpreter | The SC decided that for PEP 659–
    Specializing Adaptive Interpreter
    particular the status should be Final.
  • The SC agreed that we want to avoid having people write a PEP after pushing
    through an implementation.
  • The SC discussed CPython’s backward compatibility policy and decided that we
    should gather input from the core devs on that. It was proposed to ask people
    attending the core dev sprint as a first measure.


  • The SC met with the Developer in Residence and discussed:
    • Bot/CLA hosting and Heroku tiers.
    • EdgeDB update for the CLA bot.
    • Blog posts and talk ideas.
    • Typing PEPs.
  • The SC discussed details about the organization of the 2022 Core Dev sprints.
  • The SC discussed resources for mentoring and how to help core devs mentor new
  • The SC discussed PEP 674 – Disallow using macros as
    and the changes that were merged
    without a PEP accepted in 3.11. Pablo will answer to the discussion that
    Victor started in
  • The SC discussed several aspects on how to deal with breaking changes. It was
    decided that this will be a discussion point with the rest of the core devs
    in the core dev sprint.