August Steering Council update

I’ve just published the August steering council update, also included below:

August 2

  • The Steering Council met with the Developer-in-Residence (Łukasz Langa) to
    discuss progress. The group also discussed what the focus should be going
    forward and that strategic approaches need to be considered for PRs instead
    of individual review.
  • The Steering Council and Ewa (current PSF Executive Director) discussed the
    lack of progress on the GitHub migration project. The contractor will be
    meeting with the SC and Ewa next week to discuss progress and a timeline to
    wrap up the project by end of October 2021.
  • Thomas has several todos that he will take care of this week and he will also
    reach out the PEP 505(None-aware operators)
    authors to get a status update.

August 9

  • The Steering Council had a meeting with the GitHub issues PM (Ezio Melotti)
    to learn why there has been a long period of no progress and advise what
    needs to be done next. The SC also discussed with Ezio a deadline of Oct 31
    to complete the migration.
  • After the call, the SC had a debrief to review how we would proceed and
    whether or not we wanted to search for alternative options to complete the
  • Ewa drafted an email to Ezio on next steps for the SC to review. The email
    has been sent and Ezio is working on the deliverables. Ewa and Ezio also had
    a call with one of our GitHub reps on import tooling.

August 16

  • The Steering Council met with the Developer-in-Residence, where they gave an
    update on their work as well as an update on where the data analytics is
    heading. The group also discussed typing annotations and how to approach
    the existing PEPs and migration paths.
  • The Steering Council decided Thomas would be sending the drafted note to the
    author of PEP 648(Extensible
    customizations of the interpreter at startup) on Aug 17.
  • The group checked in on PEP 649(
    Deferred Evaluation Of Annotations Using Descriptors) by Larry Hastings and
    after some deliberation decided that a wider discussion is necessary on how
    these are handled. Barry suggested a workgroup to analyze things and Pablo
    reminded the SC to make sure that all relevant actors that need to be part of
    that discussion are present.
  • Carol is going to ping Nathaniel and give him until the end of August to
    submit a counter proposal to PEP 654(
    Exception Groups and except*).

August 23

  • Ewa scheduled a check-in with Ezio for August 30th
  • SC discussed the code of conduct situation with M.S. and decided on a one
    year ban.
  • SC brought up October 2021 sprints. They will be virtual. The group will
    continue discussing.

August 23

  • The Steering Council met with the Developer-in-Residence to discuss progress
    and obstacles. They also discussed the CLA work flow and that Łukasz will
    communicate with Yury as they were building something similar for EdgeDB.
  • The Steering Council met with Ezio to discuss his progress with the GitHub
    migration project. The SC advised Ezio as to what the priority projects are.