Azure function apps - python module issues

Hi, I am looking at converting an OCR system to an Azure serverless function app (currently running on flask in a webapp). I am having difficulty with the module support and am going through the process of trying to get it working with wheelhouse etc…

This seems complex and fragile. Before I persist with this strategy can anyone give me an idea of how robust the functionality of python is in the function app environment. There are 54 modules that need importing and I encountering issues with most (i.e. most seem to require wheelhouse and some other python version tweaking). The most complex part is likely to be tesseract setup but I am currently struggling just to get numpy to work.

If there is anyone who has a Azure function app of similar complexity working I would appreciate hearing it is possible before persisting.


Hi me,

So I think I have made some progress. Docker to the rescue. Using a dockerised solution seems to be a way of avoiding the complexities of / lack of package support. I’m not sure if this negatively affects performance or scaling in any way yet though. Create and deploy Containerized Azure Functions from docker hub CI/CD - YouTube was very useful.

Me again,

Hooray, yes docker works just fine. It handles all the dependencies well and the function app seemed to run very quickly in comparison to equivalent flask instantiations.

Thanks for all the help.

I’m welcome.