Basic class function: What is wrong with my code?

The function price() doesn’t change its return value, even if i change the self.weigth attribute. What is wrong with the code?
OBS: I know I don’t need to use a class for this exercise, I just used it for practice reasons.

Create a program that reads the weight of a load in integers. If the weight is up to 10 kg, please inform

that the value will be R$50.00. Between 11 and 20 kg, inform that the value will be R$ 80. If it is greater than 20

Please inform that shipping is not accepted.

class Load:
def init(self, weigth=None):
self.weigth = weigth

def price(self):
    if self.weigth > 10 & self.weigth < 21:
        return 80
    elif self.weigth <= 10:
        return 50
        return 0

load1 = Load()
load1.weigth = 5

To do a logical AND operation, you need to use the and keyword. & is the bitwise AND operation, it ANDs together the corresponding bits in two integers.


It worked. Thanks for your time!