Batch file convert into python gui

How to batch file convert into a python gui.

If I run the batch file I am get output like cmd but I want that cmd into my gui.

It is unclear what you want to do. Let me guess:

  • You have a Windows batch script (with .bat or .cmd suffix).
  • The script communicates with the user using a text terminal / console.
  • You want to rewrite the script to a Python program.
  • You want to write the program so that it uses a GUI with graphical controls like buttons etc.

Is my guess correct? If not, describe it in similar details and let us know which part you want us to give you an advice for. What is your experience with Python?

Yes I am using Qt GUI FrameWork.

Thanks For the information.

From the screenshot it looks like you are using the Qt GUI framework. Am I right?

I have no experience with GUI applications in Python but quick search gave me these interesting resources about implementing a terminal using Qt:

Use of QTermWidget:

Library implementing its own widget:

Maybe just QTextBrowser will suffice to display your output: