Best library for drawing geometric diagrams

I’m looking to be able to produce something that looks like this (not too worried about the glyphs, I can add them later), and wondered what the best package to use would be?

The features I need are concentric circles, and to be able to say “draw a line a 6 degrees” and that sort of thing.


Bokeh is one option, compare e.g. this example

Though the custom glyphs may be a little work, depending on your requirements.


Thank you! I’ll give that a try. I’m not too fussed about the glyphs, happy to add those afterwards in Photoshop or even (shock, horror) Powerpoint :slight_smile:

Just to clarify, Bokeh is primarily a tool for generating dynamic web visualizations in browsers, although it doe also have APIs for generating PNGs and SVGs (with some optional dependencies installed). But if your only use case is static images, you might also look at Matplotlib.

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Just a quick update here - after asking around a bit, I ended up using PIL (Pillow) and was able to write a Python program to produce exactly what I wanted, including glyphs - here’s the finished product, and it’s a lot crisper than the version I originally made, which involved Photoshopping screenshots of the output of a program and adding lots of (not very well lined up) lines and glyphs! And of course, it’s very customisable.

Thanks to people on here and other Python communities for giving me suggestions - I’m very much a Python newbie, so just knowing I wasn’t asking for the impossible was very helpful, and gave me the confidence to just try it all out!