Better error message for circular import

I am working on a large and complex project, after adding some changes and importing a bunch of modules, I am getting an error for circular import:

AttributeError: partially initialized module 'module_a' has no attribute 'my_attribute' (most likely due to a circular import)

While I do understand why this error happens, I cannot resolve the issue easily as the project is very complex and I cannot figure out where the loop is happening. Is there a possibility of requesting a feature for providing a better error message to help identify the loop?

Some discussions about adding this feature for PyCharm IDE, but I believe it would be more beneficial for everyone if it were a directly introduced in Python:

Does it mean there is no Traceback (most recent call last): ?

That’s what the stack trace is for: it shows you all the import statements that are in progress when the error occurs, so you can follow them to see what got imported from where to cause the problem.

Moving this to Help because it suggests an IDE feature being added to the Python language itself.