Blog post about manylinux and the future of manylinux1

In an attempt to stimulate more interest in the next manylinux version (PEP 600 perennial manylinux), I wrote a blog post. I will be pushing for dropping manyllinux2010 and manylinux1 wheels for the next-next NumPy release (July 2021). Does that seem reasonable?


We’d probably like to drop manylinux1 wheels in PyArrow as well, though we haven’t had a community discussion about it yet.

I’m proposing to drop support for manylinux1 images on January 1st 2022 in Drop support for manylinux1 images · Issue #994 · pypa/manylinux · GitHub
This doesn’t mean that those images won’t be usable after that point. Just that there will be no updates at all.

Edited: changed end-of support from September 1st 2021 to January 1st 2022 to get the latest CPython 3.6 (which is EOL in December 2021)