Bloomberg - Python integration

Hi all,

I am a regular Bloomberg user, and a beginner to Python. Before learning Python, I just had a basic question - can Python be used to download and work with Bloomberg data? (using BLPAPI SDKs etc).
Some more questions that come to mind are:

  1. Does it have all possible functionalities, or is there an obviously better language (like maybe C++) to learn if Bloomberg data usage is the main aim here?
  2. Can Python be the interface, say, to download and perform calculations on Bloomberg data, and output it in Excel in the way i want?

Thank you very much - all guidance much appreciated.


I’ve never heard of Bloomberg data before, but apparently you can use
it with Python:

Once you have the data, you can output to Excel using CSV files:


Yes, Python can be used to obtain data via the BLPAPI SDK, and is fully capable (as capable as C++).

In addition, the Bloomberg Terminal provides an embedded Jupyter notebook environment (called BQNT) which allows you to access data, manipulate it in Python (using normal Python data science tools), produce interactive charts and graphs, etc.

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Thank you very much, Kevin and Steven. Very helpful!