Brand new to all things python, c, c++ - everything

Hopefully I’m not too out of line. I’m not initially interested in code, or learning code, though that may end up being the case. I’m interested in how verbal diaries (I think they’re called libraries) could be compiled and loaded into some form of AI, machine learning, voice activated chatbot…(obviously I have very little clue about what I’m talking about.)

But I’m highly curious about the eventuality of creating an “AI” based on verbal diaries that could have conversations. I’m not explaining this very well. EXAMPLE. I spend the next 10 years recording daily diaries and then I die. My kids could have a chatbot that sounds like me, talks like me, responds like me, based on those diaries and the technology as it grows.

Any and all thoughts are welcome. Call me crazy. I’m good.

I’m very curious if this already exists or if it could exist.

Thank you all very much.

Handsome Jack kinda had that happen. It didn’t work out quite so well. :slight_smile:

What you’re describing here is firmly the realm of science fiction. No matter how well-trained, a chatbot will never perfectly imitate you; it all depends on how similar the situation is to one that it has training for. For example, with just daily diary entries, it would learn to create more diary entries, but it wouldn’t be able to hold a conversation, since the sorts of things you’d say will be different.

(If you were to give the AI literally every single thing you ever say for your whole life, it would be able to do a much better job of imitating you, but it still wouldn’t be you.)

Ultimately, AI-generated content (whether it’s text, images, videos, software, etc) is chopping and recombining the pieces that it’s been given. It may or may not understand the correct context for each piece. It certainly cannot understand the subtleties of contexts that it’s never seen before (how you speak to your eldest child at six years old is likely to be quite different from how you speak to that same person at sixteen years old).

A massive database like that could certainly be a lot better than nothing - if you know you’re going to die in ten years and you want your family to have something to remember you by, then by all means, do it! - but it’ll never be the same as you.

But then again, it could also be a hilarious toy. Get your children to ask the chatbot something, then you all laugh together at how accurate - or not - the bot has been.

In the future, we’ll doubtless improve the technology for chatbots like this, and maybe they won’t be quite so funny after that… but for now, enjoy the failures!

Here’s some examples of what AI is capable of:

Future development will probably eliminate most of the word salad, except that there’s one fundamental problem with AI: it depends on its input. And if you’ve seen what kinds of things people post, you’ll realise that creating nice clean text is not going to be possible…

I understand what you’re saying, and it could be a hilarious toy.

Thank you very much for your detailed response.

I asked my checkout clerk at the local grocery today, who’s in her 60’s, if something like this, no matter how rudimentary it was, would interest her. She started tearing up. She said she called her mom’s cellphone for years after her mom’s death, simply to hear her mom’s voice, and then she turned over her wrist and showed me a “handwritten” tattoo. It was a handwritten phrase from her sister who passed away a few years back.

I know it will likely take decades, if ever, to make it more “realistic” but I also think there are people out there that this kinda thing could benefit.

Thank you so much! You’re awesome!