Brave API Image Search

Trying to utilize Brave API Image Search capabilities with OpenAI API built into a pyqt5 interface. I just cannot get it to properly display the images. Previously I built something similar in gradio, but most of the imaging returned wasn’t relevant, and gradio lacked the ability for the type of future customization I want. I am an absolute beginner in Python and everything mentioned above really. Ive exhausted my brain trying to figure this out and just about all of my resources. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Then you should start by learning the fundamentals of how to write a program from scratch, how to debug programs when something goes wrong, how to think about programming problems, and especially how to clearly communicate a problem with a proper example - not by expecting to be able to connect a bunch of new-fangled web APIs together (possibly with ChatGPT guidance, because that seems to be popular now).

Believe me I have been trying to understand different types of code structure for around twenty years. I just haven’t been able to grasp it. But I’m not lazy and will continue to try. Id like to add something constructive to our conversation, so ill ask a few questions that maybe will help me manually get past the learning curve I’ve always struggled with. Whats a way that i can look at code structure in python to help me understand it better?

Start here: The Python Tutorial — Python 3.12.4 documentation

I decided it was better to just switch my VPN to an 3rd world country and pay in Brazilian Real to contract the entire script out to be made, for around 10 bucks. But hey, thanks for the link to the tutorial and all the valuable advice :wink: