Broken styles on

When opening docs in dark mode for versions 3.8 and 3.9 code snippets render as follows:

Tried checking for different sections: builtin functions, random libraries and everywhere it does so.
For versions 3.10 and above everything is fine.

OS: Win 11 and Android 14
Browser: Chrome 121.0.6167.161

This was already reported on GitHub: Code snippets in dark theme are unreadable · Issue #115349 · python/cpython · GitHub.

PRs fixing the issue (…by removing the dark-mode feature entirely for the docs on the 3.8 and 3.9 branches) were merged earlier today

Oh, thanks. Didn’t check github as supposed discource would be better place for this issue.

No harm done, but just as a general FYI for the future, AFAIK unambiguous bugs in the docs or the docs theme are usually best searched, reported and discussed directly on their respective bug trackers :slight_smile: