bugs.python.org slowing down?

(Raymond Hettinger) #1

Lately, I’ve noticed slow response times to update actions on bugs.python.org.

Today, I posted a short comment on a tracker item and the page took 10 seconds to update.

Is anyone else observing this behavior? Do we know the cause?

(Tim Peters) #2

I’ve experienced that for at least a week, under a current Chrome. “10 seconds” is on the quick side, alas. No idea why.

(Ned Deily) #3

I’ve noticed this slowdown as well but I think it dates back some weeks probably since bugs.python.org was moved to its new PSF server. What’s particularly interesting is that if you have the #python-dev IRC channel open when you do an update, the change reply still appears almost immediately on #python-dev but the web browser hangs for the ~10 seconds apparently waiting for an https reply and the web page updates. I thought this had come up somewhere before but I don’t see an open issue for it so I’ve opened https://github.com/python/bugs.python.org/issues/29.

(Antoine Pitrou) #4

Same here. Viewing pages is fast but any modifying action takes seconds.

(Ernest W. Durbin III) #5

I’ll get some enhanced monitoring going on bugs.python.org’s backend to see if we can determine what’s causing slowdowns.

(Ernest W. Durbin III) #6

This appears to be related to the speed of sending emails over SMTP.

Previously there was a local postfix instance handling outbound emails, so connection/submission/confirmation for each email to send was minimal. On an issue that will notify N participants, the request will take O(N) longer than before to send all the emails.

I’ll look into configuring the postfix that’s configured for inbound currently to act as a proxy for outbound.

(Ernest W. Durbin III) #7

Confirmed and have a working solution. Will implement it this evening.

(Ernest W. Durbin III) #8

I actually misread my schedule and just got it done now.

(Antoine Pitrou) #9

Looks a lot better now. Thank you!