Buildbot master stuck


Still getting used to the plethora of python-dev communication channels (mailing list, here, zulip, etc.) so apologies if this is not the best place.

I’m trying to get the Cygwin buildbot ( going again in a state where it can actually be useful. It was broken for a while due to infrastructure problems on my end.

I managed to get a new build started, but for some reason (possibly again infrastructure problem I’m having here with TCP connections being dropped) a build hanged in the middle of a shell command (pythoninfo) and is now completely stuck. It is impossible for me to stop or restart the build.

I believe this is a problem on the build master side; the symptoms exactly match those in this issue:

If someone can give the buildbot master a kick at some point that would probably be helpful; thanks in advance!

I’ve restarted the master and your worker appears to be running a build now.

Thank you! Now the build is failing badly but that at least appears to be a problem strictly on my end. Still not sure how it got stuck in the first place :confused: