Building python takes longer than an hour due to freezing objects, and still counting

Hi, I wanted to do a few performance enhancements to string decoding and I need to benchmark that. So I need to build python.

make -j

I have 12 virtual cores on my CPU, and this used to take only a few minutes. (I know that for true benchmarking, I need to pass the optimization flags, but for quick prototyping I do something that builds a little faster to get an idea.)

Unfortunately this hangs on:

./_bootstrap_python ./Programs/ abc ./Lib/ Python/frozen_modules/abc.h
./_bootstrap_python ./Programs/ codecs ./Lib/ Python/frozen_modules/codecs.h
./_bootstrap_python ./Programs/ io ./Lib/ Python/frozen_modules/io.h
./_bootstrap_python ./Programs/ _collections_abc ./Lib/ Python/frozen_modules/_collections_abc.h
./_bootstrap_python ./Programs/ _sitebuiltins ./Lib/ Python/frozen_modules/_sitebuiltins.h
./_bootstrap_python ./Programs/ genericpath ./Lib/ Python/frozen_modules/genericpath.h
./_bootstrap_python ./Programs/ ntpath ./Lib/ Python/frozen_modules/ntpath.h
./_bootstrap_python ./Programs/ posixpath ./Lib/ Python/frozen_modules/posixpath.h

I see the processes are now busy for 40 minutes. This is ridiculously long and completely unworkable. Does anyone know how I can get my ./python executable a bit faster?

EDIT: It is over an hour now?! Is this a hidden cryptocurrency miner? This seems more like a bug than intended behavior.

It is something in either the .vscode or the .idea folder. Deleting those solved the issue.

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Were you compiling from within VSCode or IntelliJ IDE’s shell? In VS Code the shell is some sort of JS implementation. It’s not unusual for it to play up, but I can’t think why it would affect an external process once it’s launched it.

In the Pycharm IDE shell. I also don’t know why it played up. I managed to finish the PR I am working on. If the issue plays up again I will do a more thorough investigation.

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It turns out to be the PyCharm IDE terminal that causes the hang. I can do it on a normal terminal emulator just fine.
Annoying, but workable.