Call for beta testing of pip 24.1!

The pip maintainers are happy to announce that we’ve released pip 24.1b1.

This release includes many improvements including:

  • Add support for PEP 685, making extra names easier to reason about.
  • Drop support for non-compliant “legacy” version numbers and dependency specifiers, which have been fully deprecated since pip 23.2 (i.e. over 9 months).
  • Drop support for Python 3.7.
  • Various speedups, focused on startup performance and resolution with large dependency graphs.
  • Improvements to various error messages.
  • … and more.

We request the wider community to help test this release and provide us feedback about any workflows that have been affect by the changes made in this release. While all user testing is appreciated, we’re specifically seeking feedback and user testing on the removal of support for “legacy” versions. Please see this blog post for more details.

We expect that nearly all of the packages hosted on will not be affected by the removal of the legacy version support. In other words, we expect this change will primarily be affecting packages in spaces that the packaging tooling maintainers do not have any visibility in or don’t have particularly easy access to.