Call for testing: installer, a low-level library for installing wheel distributions

Born out of the discussion at Creating a package to _just_ install a wheel, there is now a low level library for installing wheel distributions.

I’d appreciate help in testing this library against real world wheels, for ensuring that this library correctly implements wheel installation logic. I’d also like to get some feedback on the APIs provided by the library; especially if it does not allow implementing a feature that is currently possible with existing wheel installers (i.e. just pip?).

The documentation is at:

One thing worth noting is that early next month (June 2021), I will be removing support for EOL (or close-to-EOL) Python versions, so if you’re interested in those versions of Python, please do the testing and provide feedback before then.

Shoutout to @techalchemy and @uranusjr for the project name on PyPI and ReadTheDocs! And thanks to everyone who has contributed to this library so far, either in the form of code or by participating in the discussions on the issue tracker. ^>^