Call for topics for the Packaging Summit at PyCon US 2023

We’re looking for more topics for the discussion at the Packaging Summit. You can submit your topic on the topic proposal form, which closes Monday April 10, 2023 AoE. There’s still some time to the deadline, but we’ve not seen much activity toward proposing topics.

Also, adding a cross-reference to the initial announcement: Signups (finally) open for the Python Packaging Summit 2023! :slight_smile:

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I appreciate the clarity of the instructions on the form:

We expect that the submitter will give a brief introduction to the topic at the summit, but the introductory presentation may be delegated or re-assigned if desired…

Discussion time limits: 30 minutes per topic, at most.

Ideally, the topic is not an “announcement” or “declaration”, but rather something open-ended that will encourage further discussion and questions.



FWIW, an embed of the main thread:

I can’t remember for sure who wrote that since I just copied last years, which I’d copied in turn from 2020’s, but pretty sure it was @pradyunsg who wrote all that since I assume he created the 2020 form that I shamelessly re-used :slight_smile:

Minor suggestion: I’ve just submitted a topic, but I didn’t get an email confirmation. By comparison, the form for attending the summit had an option at the bottom to get a confirmation, but it was off by default.

I’d suggest that both of these forms should probably send a confirmation unconditionally. Otherwise, there’s no way to go back and see what you submitted.

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Thanks for the feedback! It seems like the settings of the two forms hadn’t been synced up and updated; I took care of that now adding that option on both, as well as a handful of other fixes.

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