Can I Ask for the deletion of an PyPI Old Non Updated Package?


There is a package named “webui” in PyPI, the last update is in 2013 (10 Years), clearly, the creator completely ignored/abandoned this package. So, what’s the point of keeping it?

Is there a way to ask for the deletion of that package? because I want to create a new package with the same name.

I understand the privacy/security reasons if the PyPI policy allows supporting abandoned projects.

Thank you.

The info you need is linked from the PyPI help page:

Good luck :slight_smile:

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That’s what I’m looking for, Thank you sir :slight_smile:

From PyPI Download Stats

Downloads last day: 12
Downloads last week: 90
Downloads last month: 351

Doesn’t look like nobody’s using this project to me…

So, I opened a PyPI issue, but when I saw your statistics I decided to close the request. Because yes, the package is 10 years old, but people are still using it.

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FYI some organizations regularly mirror all of PyPi, a few downloads a day may just indicate that.

The placeholder package “airflow” which literally doesn’t install anything has an order of magnitude more downloads:

Downloads last day: 322
Downloads last week: 2,341
Downloads last month: 18,358

Probably the more important point is that the GitHub repo associated with the package is still active. At the very least, you’ll want to post there asking if they’re planning to publish to PyPI, and if not whether they might transfer the name to you.

But it’s probably just best to choose a new name for your package.


Just to take an example I know, the abjad package, which I know has a number of users among contemporary music composers and has several related projects around it, has these download counts:

Downloads last day: 13
Downloads last week: 175
Downloads last month: 863

Which is only about twice as much as webui.

OK, maybe that was a bad example, since you could have a ~constant part for mirrors and a variable part on top.

But it’s worth noting that GitHub - Widdershin/flask-desktop: flask-desktop lets you create first class desktop applications in Python with HTML/CSS says


pip install git+

I’d like to have flask-desktop available on pip, but currently don’t have the time and headspace to make that happen. If you want this to happen, please do it and I’ll add you as a collaborator to this repo.”

So the project is not inactive, it’s just inactive on PyPI.