Can we get some action on this PR?

This is perhaps the wrong place to post this, but I couldn’t find any better forum.

This PR, a small extension to the CSV module’s quoting rules, has been waiting patiently for quite awhile to be merged. This is probably the wrong place to ask, but it has been ready to go for ages, and seems about to miss the 3.12 window (if it hasn’t already). Can someone with commit privileges please take a look and seriously consider merging it? If the decision is to not merge it, please offer some rationale in the issue or PR.

You seem to have gotten a coredev review and approval, pending a buildbot run.

Did you not get commit privileges on github? The triage channel on the core-developer discord would have been another place to ask.

I gave up commit privileges a few years ago (don’t want 'em anymore). Can I just ask the 3.12 release manager (Thomas Wouters) to commit the change, or is he too busy with other release manager stuff?

It seems like @merwok was testing against the buildbots, and I’m assuming he’ll merge once that’s all done.

No need to bother Thomas, especially since we still have a few weeks. Feel free to ping me if it’s still not merged in a week or so.

Yep I just wanted to see if buildbots are happy before merging rather than after.

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Yep I just wanted to see if buildbots are happy before merging rather than after.

Chicken! :wink:

I still have fond(?) memories of the old days when Guido would drop a new version (shell archive in comp.lang.python?) on Friday, then head out on holiday for a couple weeks. That was a simpler time though.


I think that the PR was not ready yet. It only implemented the one half of the feature, and the design discussion was not finished.

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