Can we increase the 3-consecutive-post limit?

I’ve hit this limit 2 or 3 times now – Discourse does not let you make more than 3 consecutive posts on the same thread. There have been cases where other people, in discussions haven’t been able to do one-reply-per-person posts due to this limit (which is fine). There have been other situations with gaps between updates where this limit of 3 posts is fairly limiting.

I understand it exists for minimizing spam, but right now it’s being more painful than useful IMO – can we increase this limit to 5 on this forum?

What’s wrong with combining replies into a single post? Discourse has rich quoting; used properly, you won’t lose any context.

I do that already. :wink:

However, that doesn’t really work out in all cases. In the cases below, we’d want to send out a notification/update to other people in the thread based on new information, and they don’t really fit as an in-place edits.

I could probably have done a better job at that last one, but it still falls into a similar category.

I updated OP to reflect the actual case this causes an issue in. :slight_smile:

Done! Let’s play a bit with the new setting and see how it goes. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @pablogsal! \o/