Can we increase the duration for removing a like?

Specifically: What do you want in Python packaging's future governance model?

I accidentally liked a post in that topic, and I’m not able to undo that – presumably due to the default limit on Discourse configuration (On unliking posts - #2 by Falco - support - Discourse Meta). Could that be increased?

I’m more surprised by the fact that there is a time limit on it. Is it possible to remove the time limit? :slight_smile:

But I like the fact that it’s no longer possible to edit a post after a few days/weeks: it’s good for archives. Otherwise, it’s hard to rely on what I read a few weeks ago, if there is a risk that i can change!


Are we perhaps taking “likes” too seriously?


There’s a packaging discussion where we’re using them to express support for ideas that get posted. The idea is to avoid too many “me too” comments, but yeah, it’s not really how I think “likes” were intended to be used…

I’m not in the Discourse authors’ mind, but I assume that’s pretty much the idea actually. Instead of having a flurry of “+1” posts to show agreement, people “like” the post they want to support.

I liked your message, but I may change my mind later! :rofl:

I don’t regret having my mailbox (in the good old days of Mailman mailing lists) filled with “+1” emails without anything else than “+1”: no explanation, no comment, it’s not helping much the debate. Reactions (emojis) reduced the number of notifications that I’m getting :slight_smile: Sometimes, they are even fun, and it’s good that Python stays fun :slight_smile:


Is there any relationship between the time window one has in which a post can be edited and the time window one has to reverse a ‘like’?

My point being that if the time window for reversing a like < the time window for editing a post, then if said post is edited in such a way that it negates the reason for the like, then that could be an issue, depending on how much weight is given to the fact of the like.

From my own view point, if I see that someone has give there support to a post, but also see that said post has been edited, then I do wounder if the like is still valid.