Cannot find the case statement searching the documentation

Newbie user here, hoping this is the right place for this post. Having seen so many syntax versions of case statement, I have to consult the documentation to find out what’s correct for Python. Unfortunately, none of the search queries listed below are productive:

Am I doing it wrong?

It looks like the search function does not support double quoting phrases :frowning: I would be really glad if the search capabilities were better.

Google (or other reasonable search) helps here:"match+statement"

I think the first three results are the most relevant ones to begin with the match statement.

But you have to know that it’s called a “match statement”. Classic chicken and egg problem. In general, this is not a big problem, just a signal that an improved documentation search engine would be welcome.

The documentation search engine is from Sphinx-doc I think. It does not seem to support quoted search terms. You could maybe look into Sphinx-doc extensions (or Sphinx-doc custom search adapters?) or at e.g. helping with this ticket where a similar problem has been described.

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