Cannot successfully install WIN32API

I had a small utility program written for me and installed on a computer, and now I want to install on another computer. I can program in VB, but I know nothing about Python. pertinent lines of code include:
from pywinauto.application import Application, findwindows, wait_until, TimeoutError
from pywinauto import mouse, keyboard
import getpass
import os
import sys
import shutil

app_conn = Application(backend="win32")
wins = findwindows.find_elements(title=TARGET_APP)  # Gets all apps with that title

the error I am getting is "no module named “win32api”

this was successful python Scripts/ –install
pip install pypiwin32 said that the requirement was already satisfied

Remove “pypiwin32” and install “pywin32”. Start fresh if you have to. Make sure that you’re using pip from the same version of Python that the script uses. Sometimes “pip.exe” found in PATH is for a different installation.

To ensure that pip is run for the same version, you can run it as a module either via python -m pip ..., to use “python.exe” found in PATH, or via py [-X.Y] -m pip ..., to use the “py.exe” launcher. For example: python -m pip install pywin32

I went to anther computer with Python 3.9.6 already installed. When I try to run my program, the screen flickers, but does not run. Any suggestions?

I am using a python program to enter a password into a 3rd party program. My batch file gets rejected as not have the proper credentials to perform this task. If I use a batch file shortcut and manually run, ir works file. Can you suggest a fix?