Can't find any Python files in File Explorer

Literally my fist week into intro to programming. I have homework due but when I got to turn it in there’s no option to find a python file but through shell I can find it no problem.

I am not sure what you are looking for.
Let us know what operating system you are using.

I think you are saying that from the shell you can find python files?
Did you mean find *.py files.

What is it that ypu cannot do exactly? What is IT that has no option?

Welcome to the forum.

File Explorer (Windows) will find Python files if you tell it to search for *.py.

I usually start by creating a place (folder) where I will store the files for a given project. However, if some IDE has stored it in a place it chose, maybe it can tell you.

If I launch IDLE from the menu and save a file it puts it in:


which is where python.exe lives and is a very bad choice.

If you’re turning it in by filling in an email or web form with some
kind of “attach a file” feature, sometimes those features expect
particular file extensions and if .py is not one of them, Python files
will not be presented.

Sometimes these things have a dropdown control, initially set to some
(wrong) filename pattern which can be changes to “all files” or
something like that. Not always.

Can you detail your “turn it in” process a bit more. Might need a
screenshot of the “no python files shown” part.

Bearing in mind that we don’t know anything about the particular
environment you’re working in :slight_smile:

Cameron Simpson

It’s just adding a file to canvas but when the file explorer pops up all py files are mia unless it’s in recents. I’ll post screenshots soon

Oh okay that is great explanation